Pauline Pentony MA
Pauline Pentony


Pauline is a UK photographer based in the North East and is widely known for her dance and portrait photography. Having been associated with dance since childhood, her knowledge and experience of dance has gained her worldwide recognition and numerous accolades from International Photographic Salons, exhibitions and UK publications.

Pauline encourages the very best from her subjects through her calm passionate and inspirational approach to her work and brings out her subjects' inner self to produce striking thought-provoking imagery. Thinking "outside the box" is key to her success in developing her own portfolio and the creativity of her subjects.

Pauline continues to support her local community, dance academies, camera clubs and performing arts groups by providing marketing and advertising material whilst being in demand for her guest speaker and presentation evenings. Pauline also offers dance photography or portrait workshops either studio based or out on location.

Eastbourne Generatition Teams
I have been associated with dance in and around Darlington since the age of twelve, when I became a member of the Eastbourne Generation Dance School. Aged nineteen I had progressed into the realms of teaching and choreography and took over the everyday running of the school, teaching a diverse range of dance to all age groups.

Unfortunately, I was forced into retirement after some twenty years due to a long term injury but had ensured the school's continued success.